Women must have timely and quality access to maternal health service to curb deaths- Health experts warns

An international health organization known as Marie Stopes Nigeria has called on nations including Nigeria to matter of urgency, initiative and implement programs that will improve access of women and adolescents to quality family planning service in order to stop the death of over 3,000 women who die annual from complications resulting from unsafe abortions.

The Head, Marketing and Communication officer if the organization, Mrs Ogechi Onuoha made this known recently during the 4th annual conference of Nigeria Health Journalist in Nasarawa State.

According to her, lack of acess to contraceptions including unsafe abortion contribute to an unacceptably high maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of 451deaths/100,000 live b

“The worst is that this is outside the countless number of persons that survived with life threatening complications especially infertility every year from unsafe abortion especially infertility with loss of womb). High fertility (5 on average and 6 in rural areas) and 20% unmet needs of Family Planning

She further noted unsafe abortions is the third leading cause of maternal deaths in Nigeria and yet has not generated enough policy attention.

“Abortions are common, and most are unsafe because they are done clandestinely, by unskilled providers or both•Unsafe abortions is the third leading cause of maternal deaths in Nigeria.

“Abortion is the loss or termination of pregnancy, i.e., spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or induced abortion. Abortion statistics in 2012 reveals that unsafe abortions and maternal mortality are overwhelming public health problems in Nigeria. An estimated 1.25 million induced abortions occurred Nigeria in 2012; 33 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–49. •The estimated unintended pregnancy rate was 59 per 1,000 women aged 15–49. •56% of unintended pregnancies were resolved by abortion.•About 212,000 women were treated for complications of unsafe abortion•An additional 285,000 experienced serious health consequences but did not receive the treatment they needed.•Almost half of deaths are young women less than 25.
“Globally, the Magnitude of the Problem each year (worldwide):–205 million pregnancies–40% of them unplanned–137 million women have unmet need for FP –20 million unsafe abortions–68,000 women die from unsafe abortion: 13% of all pregnancy-related deaths–Most are in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia 4.

Therefore there is every need for countries to ensure timely access to post-abortion care (PAC) which is an Internationally recognized important intervention to address complications related to miscarriage and induced abortion. PAC should not only include emergency care, but also family planning counseling and services.

She also added that if the various restrictive laws inhibiting the free access to abortion services are not liberated, it will continue to have negative impacts on women, families, children, and communities increased likelihood of death among children whose mother has died.

“In addition to death, unsafe abortion can lead to significant short-and long-term illness and injury to women infertility (very serious in Africa!!), Negative impacts on women, families, children, and communities, increased likelihood of death among children whose mother has died. It also leads to bhaveng ,retained products of conception, Uterine perforation, Bowel and bladder injury, Sepsis, cervical laceration, Hemorrhagic disorder, Shock and death”

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