Covid-19: Take the vaccine to protect yourselves; it is safe and healthy- Health Group tell Nigerians.

Nigerians at all levels have been enjoined to visit any nearest center closer to them to obtain the covid-19 vaccine that will help keep them healhty as well as protect them against covid-19 virus.

Speaking at a two-days Annual Conference of the Association of Nigeria Health Journalist (ANHEJ), the President of the Association, Mr. Hassan Zaggi said it is a well-known fact that COVID-19 vaccine is one of the proven ways to prevent one from being infected by the virus.

“This is in addition to non-pharmaceutical interventions including prevention and control protocols such as regular hand washing, wearing of face mask, maintaining physical distance and avoiding large gatherings”.

According to him, Nigerians must shun all forms of practices and believes ranging from conspiracy theories on the safety of the vaccines, fear of the unknown, false and misinformation on social media platforms amongst others that drives them away from acessing the vaccine that will ensure everyone is protected from the virus.

” I sincerely appeal to all Nigerian to keep away from mingling with some enemies of progress who keeps misleading you with malicious informations that makes you not take the vaccine and keeps fustrating Federal Government efforts through its agencies including the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) in achieving herd immunity against the Corona virus.

‘I therefore call on all Nigerians to go out and take the COVID-19 vaccines as it is safe and efficacious. If there was anything contrary, we would have told you’.

“As journalists covering the health sector, we gurantee you of the vaccines safety and are deeply worried by the way most Nigerians are not willing to uptake the vaccine even though the country has been applauded globally for its effort in COVID-19 vaccine roll out.

“We are also concerned that if urgent actions are not taken, the federal government’s target to vaccinate 55 million residents of Nigeria by the end of January, 2022, which is 50% of the target population, may not be visible.

Mr. Zaggi however commend the efforts of the Federal Government on rolling off the mass vaccination campaign, and for the decentralization of vaccination sites including private health facilities and places of worship, in a bid to ensure more Nigerians have access to the vaccines and also assured on continuoues desimination of rightful information about the vaccine that will make Nigerians believe the truth about the vaccine.


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