Mentoring the Girl- Child: NIg. Women task to mentor their daughters and imbibe the qualities of a Godly mother


Nigeria Women have been called upon to mentor their daughters and imbibe the qualities of a godly mother as a way of training and bringing up their children towards ensuring having a healthy and better society.

The call was made by Mrs Maureen Nwala, (P.hD) a Senior lecturer at Nasarawa State University in a paper she presented at A One-Day Seminar titled” The Cradle, and the Mother: Mentoring the Girl-Child” organized by the Women Association of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim (ESOCS) Church, National Headquaters Annex Cathederal (NHAC) to mark their 2022 Anniversary Thanksgiving Service held recently in Abuja.

Describing the qualities of godly mothers in the bible, she said they raised their children to love, honour and serve God.

She cited an example of mothers like Jochebed, Elizabeth and Mary raised sons who ministered to and led God’s people.

According to her, they were committed, hardworking’ resourceful and willing doing the work of God that was before them. (Proverbs 31: 13)

Extolling the virtues of excellent mentors, she appealed to mothers to imbibe those qualities while mentoring their daughters.

Those qualities includes; being a good listener, knowledgeable, non judgemental and able to give constructive feedback.

Others includes; being honest, able to network, find resources, be successful in career and willing and able to devote time to developing others eager to learn.

Mentoring the girl-child in a godly way she explained is a way of raising mature Christians disciples within the body of Christ and the nation.

The mentees she explained further may view seeking advice as a sign of weakness.

” But mentors should be prepared to offer insights and point out alternative, while remembering that mentees must ultimately make their own decisions.”(proverbs 13:14 & proverbs 15:22).

Most importantly she added that mentors show their mentees that God is the ultimate and most significant source of wise counsel.

She therefore concluded by listing the five pillars of mentoring which includes; building of trust, good listener, developing listening skills, learn how to encourage, be reliable and have fun.

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